February 4 - February 17, 2024

Container Tracking API


  • Customs Clearance API: Refine reporting for the MBL's last_update_status
  • Container Tracking API:
    • Enhance inland_destination reporting
    • Standardize mode parsing across carriers

Bugs squashed

  • Auto-unsubscribe: Bug fix for containers auto-unsubscribed upon "Gate in empty return" at the beginning of a shipment cycle
  • Track by booking: Bug fix for scenarios when a booking_number is not returned in a reference update payload
  • Rail events reporting: Bug fix to stop reporting export-cycle rail movements after "Gate in empty return"
  • Auto-carrier identification: Bug fix for not identifying ACI references for CMA and Maersk


  • RCL Group: Additional standardizations for "Gate in empty return"
  • Hyundai Merchant Marine: Implement additional discharge and hold standardizations
  • Yang-Ming: Implement additional standardizations for gate out, load, and discharge milestones