Demo environment

The Container Tracking API demo environment is meant to be used as a testing or staging grounds for getting started or evaluating Vizion's track and trace service. The demo environment ( has a limit of 50 active references.

Each API key is allowed 15,000 calls, or requests, to the demo environment on a monthly basis. Other than the above differences, the demo environment functions similarly to the production environment.


Limit reset

Please note this limit reset happens on the third of the month.

Intended use

We view the testing process as beginning with creating several references using one of the POST methods, such as the Create Reference via Carrier Code endpoint, to test tracking containers for carriers that your business or customers regularly use.

Once a reference exists, you can use the following API endpoints to view the appropriate responses:

  • Show Reference Details endpoint
  • List Active References endpoint
  • List Reference Updates endpoint

If you are subscribed to Vizion's Pro plan, we also recommending testing the List Container Trace endpoint.

Once you've tested creating your references and taken all desired actions against those references, we recommend that you de-activate them all (or the ones that are no longer necessary) by using the Unsubscribe Reference endpoint to free up space again.

Increasing reference limit

To keep the performance of the demo environment as stable as possible, raising the limit is not recommended. The limit ensures that the resources being allocated to the demo environment stay within a comfortable boundary for every user.