Create reference via Booking Number

Details how containers are tracked in our system by using a booking number

Create reference via Booking Number facilitates tracking by adding container references for update payload tracking using a given booking number as the primary identifier.

Similar to the Create reference via Bill of Lading endpoint, this will create a parent reference. For every container available under the provided booking number, a child reference will be created to track each individual container. If a container_id is included, the system returns results specific to that container concerning the provided booking number.


You cannot provide both a booking_number and bill_of_lading in the request body. In this case, the system will reject your request with a validation message indicating that only a booking_number or bill_of_lading can be provided.


See Create reference via Booking Number API reference documentation

Required ParametersDescription
booking_numberThe corresponding booking number issued by a carrier.
//Example request body
  "booking_number": "XYZ123456",
  "carrier_code": "MAEU",
  "callback_url": "",
  "container_id": "CONT123456"