Create reference via Carrier Code

Details how containers are tracked in our system using Container ID and carrier code as input

Create Reference via Carrier Code requires a container ID and carrier code. A request to this endpoint generates a single reference that provides the most recent trip associated with a container.

The API will assign a reference ID (reference_id) to the container that can be used to access updates, check the status, and unsubscribe. As a container is reused, you will receive updates for a given container until you unsubscribe using the Unsubscribe Reference endpoint.


See Create reference via Carrier Code API reference documentation

Required parameterDescription
container_idID of the container

Examples: FSCU5722094, CMAU5447085, GAOU6570655
carrier_codeCode of the carrier transporting the container (these codes should match those in our list of supported carriers)

Examples: MAEU, CMDU, EGLV
//Example request body
  "container_id": "MRKU0090522",
  "carrier_code": "MAEU",
  "callback_url": ""