Vizion Container Tracking App

Describe the use case of the web tracking app for testing the API

The Vizion Container Tracking App is a live demonstration of the Vizion API that is available to the public as a demonstration of how tracking live containers works, as well as an example of the flexibility in how that data can be presented.

Intended use

Enter a container ID and select the appropriate carrier and click the "Search" button to begin tracking your container. By selecting the carrier option of "Auto-detect carrier", the API will attempt to identify the appropriate carrier itself.

After a short period of a few seconds to a minute, you should receive your first update for the newly-created reference that displays the following tracking data:

  • A map using container trace data to plot the course
  • Top level locations such as origin and destination ports
  • The available container milestones, timestamps, and the corresponding data source
  • Vessel information

To explore the data further, read more about the properties available in the update payload.


Before creating an account, you will have the opportunity to test three containers.

To test tracking more containers, creating an account is required which will request your first and last name, email adddress, and a password for logging into this account.

Once an account is created and you are signed in, you will be able to track a total of 18 containers.

Please note that an active Vizion customer's references are not linked or available from the web app. If you are an active user, you will need to use the API or your integration of choice to access your container tracking data as it is stored relative to your supplied API key on either the Demo or Production environment.

Interested in tracking more containers?

If you're interested in integrating directly with the Vizion API or using a pre-built integration solution such as listed as Airtable to more easily track your containers, we welcome you to contact our sales team for more information.