How to find estimated time of arrival to destination port in payload

Within the JSON payload, the ETA, or estimated time to arrival, to the destination port will be listed as an individual milestone within the list of milestones.

Vessel arrived at destination port represents the ETA of the vessel to the destination port when planned is set to true. This same milestone will then represent the ATA (actual time of arrival) when planned is set to false.

See below for an example of this estimated milestone:

  "timestamp": "2023-12-31T12:00:00.000-08:00",
  "location": {
    "name": "Gct Deltaport",
    "city": "Vancouver",
    "state": "British Columbia",
    "country": "Canada",
    "unlocode": "CAVAN",
    "facility_code": "DLT",
    "facility": null,
    "raw_name": null,
    "raw_unlocode": "CAVAN",
    "geolocation": {
      "latitude": 49.02056,
      "longitude": -123.15139
  "description": "Vessel arrived at destination port",
  "raw_description": "berth",
  "journey_event": {
    "journey_type": "TRANSPORT",
    "event_classifier": "ACT",
    "event_type": "ARRI",
    "transport_mode": "VESSEL",
    "facility_type": "POTE"
  "shipment_location": {
    "type_code": "POD"
  "vessel": "removed",
  "vessel_imo": "removed",
  "vessel_mmsi": "removed",
  "voyage": null,
  "planned": true,
  "mode": "Vessel",
  "transport_type": null,
  "source": "carrier"