What is Vizion's Container Tracking API?

Vizion's Container Tracking API is the optimal solution for accessing clean, up-to-date information on your shipments. Whether you need visibility for 10 shipments annually or 1,000,000+, you can effortlessly and accurately monitor each of them to meet the requirements of your systems and users.

Data sources and processing

Vizion sources shipment data from various channels, including ocean carriers, terminals, rail, and customs. The acquired data undergoes a thorough cleaning, standardization, and enrichment process. All updates provided by Vizion for a shipment are in JSON format and adhere to a standard schema, irrespective of the carrier or data source. This ensures easy integration into your systems, allowing you to leverage the data immediately.

To ensure timely updates, Vizion offers webhooks for receiving the latest shipment data in realtime. Additionally, a GET endpoint is available for alternative access.

API functionality

The versatility of the API empowers you to derive value and serve your end customers, both internally and externally. Whether you are integrating into an existing system (such as ERP, TMS, or WMS) or developing a new application, our data provides the flexibility to meet various needs. Current customers use Vizion to enhance inventory management in transit, maximize warehouse utilization, minimize demurrage fees, and reduce latency in providing data for downstream logistic events.

Use cases

While some use cases only require updates on major events for a shipment, others may demand constant monitoring of vessel locations, detailed rail events, or customs data. Check our website for a full list of available products.