Create reference via Bill of Lading

Details how containers are tracked in our system by using a master bill of lading number, and how containers are identified in association to their master bill of lading with parent and child references

Create Reference via Bill of Lading requires a bill of lading number and carrier code. When tracking your shipment using the bill of lading and carrier code, Vizion will identify all of the containers associated with the master bill of lading and create references for each container.

The endpoint will generate a reference for the bill of lading that will serve as a parent reference to all containers associated with the shipment. All individual child references will have a parent_reference_id which is a property set to the parent reference's reference_id. This endpoint will only return updates for the journey associated with the bill of lading for each container.

It is possible to pass a container ID (container_id) as a parameter along with the bill of lading and carrier code. Please note that if a container ID is used, the API will generate only a single reference to the individual container. If the bill of lading provided is incorrect or unavailable, we will not be able to locate the child reference.


See Create reference via Bill of Lading API reference documentation

Required parameterDescription
bill_of_ladingThe master bill of lading number issued by a carrier

Examples: CMDUCNMD251217, MAEU225616225
carrier_codeCode of the carrier transporting the container (these codes should match those in our list of supported carriers)

Examples: MAEU, CMDU, EGLV
//Example request body
  "bill_of_lading": "MAEU255221188",
  "carrier_code": "MAEU",
  "callback_url": ""