Pricing plans

Detailed breakdown of features available in each plan.

98% Ocean Carrier Coverage✔️✔️See supported carriers
Location Enrichment✔️✔️Often, Carriers will report disparate, inaccurate, or ambiguous names for where an event has taken place. Events and top level locations (origin port, destination port, inland origin, inland destination) are enriched to include the location’s Name, City, State, Country, Facility, Geolocation (latitude & longitude) and UN/Locode
Vessel Verification✔️✔️Leverage Vizion data science to ensure that the information being reported by the Carrier is accurate and corresponds to the actual identity and characteristics of the vessel moving a container. This can involve verifying the vessel's name, call sign, MMSI number, and other information to ensure that it matches the container's reported position.
Google Sheets Integration✔️✔️No code, no lift data access to Vizion API through Google Sheets. Make basic calls to the API to start/stop tracking through an easy to use interface. All data is flattened into a tabular (column/row) format, and automatically updated in real-time using webhooks
Webhook API✔️✔️A webhook delivers data to other applications immediately. This is different from the typical request-response model where you would have to periodically request data in order to get updates. Webhooks are useful because they allow apps to receive data in real-time, which can enable a wide range of functionality and automation. This can save time and effort, and make it easier for systems to work together and share information.
AIS Events✔️✔️Vizion is globally tracking all container ships at all times through terrestrial and satellite AIS. Utilizing vessel verification and port/terminal geofencing, we can create events for vessel departures and arrivals - even when the Carrier does not. This feature also creates milestones for vessel port calls without a container discharge, enabling more frequent shipment updates and a more granular view into a container’s journey
Track by Container✔️✔️Monitor the planned (estimated) and actual events of ocean shipping containers through intermodal transportation.
Track by MBL✔️✔️Create individual tracking references for each container under a Master Bill of Lading. Provide the MBL number and Carrier Code, and Vizion will automatically identify each container and create an individual tracking reference for that container’s current transport. Note: the current transport might not be the set of events associated with the MBL provided. For container events that occurred under a specific MBL, see Historical MBL Tracking
Auto-Carrier Identification✔️✔️When all you know is the container ID, Vizion will automatically identify the Carrier and begin tracking movements. The identified Carrier will be present in reference updates so you will know the Carrier moving forward.
Enhanced Terminal Visibility-✔️Creates milestones not typically reported by steamship lines, sourcing them directly through the terminal operator, such as the container’s Last Free Date and Pickup Availability. Terminal visibility also adds to core ocean completeness by reducing the dependence on a Carrier to report events such as Discharged from vessel, Gate out full, and Gate in empty return. Read more here
Container Trace-✔️A record of a container’s vessel movements over a period of time, including information about the vessel's location (latitude & longitude), speed, and heading, as well as other details such as its name, IMO, and MMSI number. This feature enables precision polylines to create maps and hourly updates on a container’s location while over the water.
Enhanced OAuth Security-✔️OAuth is an open standard for authorization that provides a way for users to grant third-party applications access to their resources without sharing their passwords. It provides a secure way for users to grant access to their resources without having to share their passwords with third-party apps, allowing users to share their information with apps that they trust, while still maintaining control over their data and protecting their privacy.
Historical MBL Tracking-✔️See the events associated with a past or present shipment by specifying a Master Bill of Lading number
Enhanced North American Rail Visibility-✔️With this feature, Vizion can report container events by rail even when not provided by the Carrier. Today, rail events are found in reference update payloads, generally in the case of carrier haulage. With Enhanced NA Rail Visibility, customers can access precision rail events without a letter of authorization!
Vizion Adjusted ETAs-Coming SoonPowered by insights from Vizion’s DataHub — uses shipment visibility combined with other data sources such as real time vessel tracking, vessel schedules, and customs data monitoring to provide near real-time adjustments to reported third-party estimates based on actual port congestion & performance and carrier performance analysis.
AIS Vessel Berth Events-✔️Enhances the “AIS Events” feature by using tight geofencing (detail at the terminal level) to create vessel berth events