Create reference via ACI

Details how containers are tracked in our system by using auto carrier identification

Create Reference via ACI requires only the container ID. If a carrier is identified based on the container ID provided, the carrier code will be added to the reference and tracking will begin. This feature does not work with bill of lading input.

This option should be used as a last resort when the carrier code is unknown. Using it may result in a large number of tracking failures and we ultimately recommend that you provide the carrier code whenever possible.


See Create reference via ACI API reference documentation

Required parameterDescription
container_idID of the container

Examples: FSCU5722094, CMAU5447085, GAOU6570655
//Example request body
  "container_id": "MRKU0090522",
  "callback_url": ""

โš ๏ธ

Please note that if you create a reference using Auto Carrier Identification and we cannot match the container to a carrier with a auto_carrier_not_found status returned, it will be considered a billable reference as we have already processed the container and searched each carrier.