Supported carriers

Vizion supports 98% of global ocean shipments among our growing list of supported carriers. View our list of supported carriers at the link below to identify required carrier codes to begin tracking for each different carrier. If you are attempting to track with a sub-carrier, use the parent's carrier code.

See list of supported carriers.

Carrier codes

When using the Vizion API, the carrier code, as we have defined it, can be found in our supported carrier list and within The List Carriers endpoint of the API. We define a carrier code as a single 4-letter abbreviation, usually based on the the carrier's name, that is simple to maintain and not influenced by any external changes to a carrier's standard carrier alpha code, or SCAC.


On 2023/10/01, Yang Ming updated their SCAC from "YMLU" to "YMJA" as reported in their press release. This also impacts the bill of lading prefix. The Vizion carrier code is unaffected and still defined as "YMLU".